Market Research and Planning

Changing customer values, technological advancements, new competitors, global sourcing, regulatory mandates and industry restructuring are causing unprecedented change and challenge in the automotive industry. Managing change, with its uncertainty, could prove to be a formidable task. An error in judgment, insufficient information, or improper analysis could cost your company tens of millions of dollars.

ACG firmly believes that knowledge is power in today's competitive environment. However, we draw a strong distinction between information and knowledge. Information is merely data while knowledge is the interpretation and application of information through the process called analysis.

It is the area of analysis that distinguishes ACG within the automotive industry. Our knowledge and experience with automotive industry issues, products, processes, and trends enables us to provide consistently accurate visions of the future.

ACG's success is based upon a unique methodology called Data Point AnalysisSM. This approach to market analysis was developed, honed and perfected by ACG over the years.

Data Point AnalysisSM is a multi-faceted approach to market research and analysis. It involves the collection of multiple bits of historic information, current facts and future indicators. What sets us apart is our ability to identify pertinent information and to establish interdependent relationships within a specific market area and within the broad context of the automotive industry. Our unique perception of, and tenure in the automotive industry allows us to transform information into knowledge. Through this process, we are able to identify risks and opportunities that otherwise might not have been foreseen by other industry analysts.

Over the years, ACG has compiled a comprehensive knowledge base that is drawn upon for each and every project. This accumulated knowledge is augmented with current information pertinent to the present and future business environment. This ability to gather key data and to apply it in a broad strategic manner has vaulted us to the forefront in automotive market research and analysis.


Representative Assignments

Oak Ridge National Laboratories asked ACG to conduct a market study to access the potential market for advanced structural ceramics for use in automobile and truck engines. In depth industry interviews were conducted with materials experts to identify major benefits and barriers to using ceramics in engine applications, and to determine those engine components most suited for ceramic usage. In addition, ACG evaluated competing engine materials, and examined the effects of cost reductions on the timing and market penetration of ceramic components. The study was used to establish future budgets and research efforts for ceramic development.

A major sensor manufacturer was seeking to identify future technical and market trends in order to increase existing market share and capture opportunities for new applications. ACG conducted a comprehensive market analysis to examine the future sourcing direction for each engine and vehicle manufacturer in North America and Europe. Future changes in these sourcing strategies, driven by such factors as cost, performance, safety, technology developments, and environmental regulations were also identified.