"Managing the unprecedented change and challenges in today's automotive industry"


The Automotive Consulting Group, Inc.

The Automotive Consulting Group, Inc. (ACG) is a technically oriented management consulting firm providing strategic business, market and technology planning services to the world-wide automotive industry.

ACG was established in 1986 to provide strategic insight and direction to companies in transition or seeking to gain competitive advantage.

ACG’s Mission is to support each client in becoming the preeminent leader in their respective business.

ACG’s Goal is to provide strategic insight and direction that will manage risk and enhance growth and profitability.

ACG approaches strategic decisions through a process of triangulation. This process has three components and each component in turn has three sub          components, as follows:

         Technology Component

            > Product Technology
            > Process Technology
            > Information Technology

         Market Component

            > Customers
            > Competitors
            > Suppliers

        Business Component

            > Financial Management
            > Human Resource Management
            > Business Management

ACG is uniquely positioned to assist your firm in analyzing issues and developing strategies that, when applied, will provide you with a distinct competitive     advantage.

ACG provides a wide variety of strategic services, ranging from total systems integration to any combination of the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Business Performance Improvement
  • M&A Strategic Services
  • Technology Planning
  • Profitable Growth Initiatives
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Product Development Process Improvement
  • Industry Trends and Analysis
  • Management Briefings and Seminars