ACG specializes in “operational” due diligence assessments of manufacturing companies for private equity and other investment       groups.  

  • Working in partnership with your evaluation team, ACG assesses the technology, market, and competitive position of the company. (Typically, our     client manages the financial due diligence.)
  •  Our experience shows this approach pays dividends because our team can focus fully on the operational issues that are critical to a successful         investment.
  •  We bring our clients the practical perspective of seasoned line managers who know what it takes to run and grow a successful business.



    We help companies evaluate acquisitions and find partners that can accelerate their growth.

  • Whether the goal is to gain market share, broaden product lines, or add new technologies, our team has the know-how to identify candidates that meet our clients’ objectives.  
  • Depending on the situation, the search can be conducted either with or without disclosing our client’s name.


    We gather information by contacting customers, end-users, industry organizations, competitors, research groups, competitive     suppliers, and     others.

  • We have a large network of industry contacts as a result of our careers in diverse businesses, as well as from hundreds of consulting projects for manufacturing companies.
  • All the research and interviews are conducted by our senior partners who have the ability to ask the tough questions and to challenge the answers when needed.