"As established members of the automotive community, ACG can provide industry insights and direction that might not otherwise be available."

Seasoned, Objective Analysis

The Automotive Consulting Group, Inc. (ACG) is a technically oriented management consulting firm providing strategic solutions to complex problems having direct implications on the bottom line.

Our mission is to support each client in becoming the preeminent leader in their respective business. Our goal is to provide strategic insight and direction that will manage risk and enhance growth and profitability. In keeping with this philosophy, we are committed to unparalleled services on a proprietary basis to each and every client.

As specialists dealing with strategic issues, we bring together a unique group of consultants capable of addressing all the technical, marketing, and financial aspects involved in business planning and process development. Each consultant is a seasoned industry professional. Experienced consultants solving complex business problems has been our hallmark since our firm's inception in 1986.

The true worth of a consultant is measured in results. Here, ACG's clients value our objectivity, knowledge, specificity, and creativity. As established members of the business community, we can provide industry insights and direction that might not otherwise be available.

 A Leadership Philosophy

Technological advancements, increasing competition, shifting markets, and industry restructuring are causing unprecedented change and challenge in today's manufacturing industries. Managing change, with its unexpected challenges, can prove to be a formidable task. An error in judgment, insufficient information, or improper timing could cost tens-of-millions of dollars.

Today, perceptive organizations are addressing the strategic issues that will influence their company's performance for years to come. And, more frequently, they are enlisting the services of seasoned industry experts to assist them in developing practical, real-world solutions to complex business problems.

The challenges ahead are formidable, but the rewards can be substantial. In this era of unprecedented change, ACG has assisted many of the world's leading OEM and supplier companies in transforming today's uncertainly into tomorrow's opportunities. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

ACGs Strategic Services

ACG's objective is to support the process of strategic management and to facilitate its implementation to all sectors of the manufacturing industry.

While ACG believes that strategic planning and its application must always remain the ultimate responsibility of the client, we realize that reliable industry information and qualified external perspectives are often invaluable in the decision-making process. ACG provides critical knowledge and applies its broad expertise to the assessment of problems and opportunities. We work with management to clarify the risks, address the challenges, and identify opportunities, which leads to more appropriate decision-making.

ACG's approach is especially crucial to complex, long-range strategic thinking. Over time, some problems and opportunities can be anticipated with reasonable accuracy, others can be vaguely foreseen, and still others will be surprises, defying prediction. ACG's unique perspective assures dynamic flexibility in strategic planning and serves as an effective methodology for implementation.

ACG also provides periodic evaluation of strategic plans as they are applied to corporate systems to assure their effective performance in a constantly changing industry environment.